2017 Releases

Our collection for MMXVII.

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6/14/17 BR0068 // Revive Us - Inside (feat. Gymon)

Dripping with sweet summer sensations, this tune’s vibrations will have you reciting Gymon quotations. Blending organic sounds and grooves with classic UK production techniques, Revive Us brings a sun drenched tune in his signature style. Gymon’s tender falsetto guides the listener to a melodic paradise where the only thing that stands between them and eternal sunshine is a mojito, and a dip in the pool.

6/19/2017 BR0070 // Mallive - Starwalk

"This song is about walking home at 4am and looking up at the starry sky
it means a lot to me, so I hope you like it too <3" - Mallive 

5/12/2017 BR0067 // inverness - Working On You

Taking over a year to finish, “Working on You” is a jazzy new single from producer inverness. With a swung rhythm, a trippy feel and infectious lyrics, inverness has created a project that crosses genres and showcases inverness signature production chops, supplying a heavy dose of groove that refreshes the ear like a summer breeze.

With talent to spare, inverness is hot off huge momentum from releases on leading global dance labels Monstercat and PRMD, as well having his viral remix of Mr. Carmack’s “Kick it Up” soar in popularity. With shows across the United States alongside heavy hitters and more collaborations in the pipeline, inverness is on an astronomical trajectory.

"Working on You” bleeds into the summer pop aroma and is sure to stay on repeat from sunrise to sunrise for months to come. The record drops on May 12th on American Independent label BonFire Records.

5/2/2017 BR0066 // Hartry - Spell On You

‘Spell On You’ is the quintessential Hartry track. Overt lyricism, thick melodies and a hard production make for a future bass tune to remember. Hartry or Val for short is a vocalist, songwriter and producer from Hamilton, Ontario and is a true triple threat.  Spell On You is out 5/2 on American label BonFire Records and embodies the current crossover yet overtly electronic sounds coming out of the label as of late.

5/12/2017 BR0068 // FTRSL - Passionfruit

FTRSL has been in the studio prepping new music ever since releasing his acclaimed Heartbreak EP last fall. His first teaser of this new content is this very chilled cover of Drake's hit 'Passionfruit.' FTRSL takes the vibes from the original and adds his clean futuristic pop and R&B sound to it. FTRSL will have a new single and maybe even an EP in the pipeline for later in the summer. WIth vibes and melancholy this cover will be out in the stores 5/12 through American record label BonFire Records.

4/28/2017 BR0065 // DYLN - Better Things (Schier Remix)

With energy and Emotion, Schier lays out a crystal clear pop electro take on DYLN's debut ‘Better Things.’ Building on the oozing energy of DYLN’s original, Schier’s cut is swift and has an aroma of the summer breeze.

This track is a certified banger with rhythmic synths and smooth percussion combined with Schier’s pop melodies makes for a song no doubt to be in rotation all summer long.

Schier comes to us by way of Iowa City, Iowa and is one of a rising cohort of young producers on the BonFire Records roster. Most recently he put out a bright remix of “Sweet Melodies” for Lizzy Land which is already over a half-million total plays. His 2016 popular single “No Breaks” with Alexanderson grossed over a million total plays. 

DYLN has better things to do and I guarantee listening to this single will be one of them. This official remix will be out worldwide on April 28th via American record label BonFire Records.

4/24/2017 BR0064 // VillaNaranjos - Lugano (VIP Mix)

Villa's debut on BonFire 'Lugano' transcends emotion at the crossroads between gritty and dreamy. This garnered him surefire success in the clubs and over 200,000 total plays online. He however wasn't finished with the melody and the track. He mixed things up a bit and dropped a massive 00s inspired VIP mix perfect for a dose of nostalgia with a modern sound.   

3/31/2017 BR0063 // King Monday - 78

Monday aims to capture a social outsider's perspective, as an observer of the world but never a part of it. Monday's debut EP '78' includes 4 tracks taking inspiration from dubstep, garage, grime and house artists

BR0062 // Lizzy Land - Sweet Melodies (Schier Remix)

With a serenity and elegance, American producer Schier puts his classic pop electro sound on Lizzy Land’s debut single “Sweet Melodies.”

While in the original, popsress Lizzy’s exquisite voice oozes emotion and evokes pop legends of past eras. The beat is stripped down, yet groovy and intelligent. In the remix, Schier shifts things up a bit, brightening up the vibe.

Schier opens the track with stabbing percussive synths while the vocal provides endless energy. If one was truly immersed in the track, they would likely feel a summer breeze flowing on a sunny day in Central Park. The groove quickly takes over, disco like synths emerge and the groove is laid back yet funky. This is emblematic of Schier’s unique style of electronic music, modern, clean, yet so classic. 

The young producer has a series of singles coming in 2017 and fresh collaborations with rising industry stars in the pipeline. This remix will be out worldwide in early March on American record label BonFire records.

BR0061 // King Monday - Ruff Sleeper

The breakbeat inspired 140 track from King Monday's debut EP takes its inspiration from the housing crisis in the U.K with homelessness increasing and people being forced to sleep on the streets. Monday aims to capture a social outsider's perspective, as an observer of the world but never a part of it. Monday's debut EP '78' is set to come out at end of the month with 4 tracks taking inspiration from dubstep, garage, grime and house artists.

BR0060 // Kino - Creature (feat. Hartry)

Two Canadians teamed up for this new release “Creature” combines Hartry’s infectious voice with crisp laid back pop production. With a voice like Harry it is hard to disappoint and Val certainly does not.  The beat courtesy of KINO is a perfect complement. Smooth synths and a tight drum rhythm will ensure that this track stays on repeat.

BR0059 // Hykuu - The Up and Down [The Remixes]

Remix pack featuring cuts from Mallive, FTRSL, Cassini and more. Enjoy. 

BR0058 // Khwezi - Friends

Friends starts out with a melodic steel drum vibes, then the ambient noise and piano kicks in. With a tasteful vocal the song quickly drops off into a laid back, even lazy melody and break. Friends is the work of South African mastermind Khwezi. Khwezi comes to us by way of Durban South Africa and as such is inspired by the feel good energy of the location and the beauty of the natural surroundings. This is embodied in the lyrics of the song, which are almost inspirational at heart. This is the latest in a string of singles out on American label BonFire Records. Look for new singles with industry leading vocalists and co-writes with industry legends in the coming months.


BR0059 // Revive Us - Say You Love Me (Level 11 Remix)

Its 2017, Donald Trump is president, the Cubs won a world series and tropical house is dead. Or is it. Level 11 hit us with an official deep tropical remix of this insta hit from Revive Us and Kelli-Leigh.

Turn this one up, soak up the February sun and enjoy.


BR0058 // Amy Thomas & Cylink - Come Alive

New deep house track written by Cylink with Amy Thomas on vocals.


BR0055 // VillaNaranjos - Underneath

If you haven’t heard there is a new sheriff in town, and his name is VillaNaranjos. Villa’s new tune Underneath is like a trip to the American Southwest, equal parts adventure, romance and peyote. VillaNaranjos is one of the UK’s upcoming underground beatmakers, having been recently featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds best of 2016 playlist.

Aided by the notable vocal talents of Atonal, Underneath sets the precedent for what is sure to be an equally successful 2017 for the young artist. Galloping synth stabs breath rhythmic drive into the song. Meanwhile, drums build a framework throughout it that can only be compared to the spine of great rattlesnake, pliable and agile yet dangerous and daring.

If you are at all inclined to act recklessly on the weekends (or the weekdays for that matter), then this is a song you cannot let pass. Underneath will help you achieve that Friday night feeling of floating in a sea of whisky and instant coffee. No need to deny, we know you love it too.

BR0054 // Khwezi - Tomorrow

This one is called 'Tomorrow' which is song about living in the moment and enjoying life as it happens. This one features eclectic horns and Khwezi's ionic drums and pads. 

BR0053 // Khwezi - After the Rain 

Imagine this after a pop up summer shower. 


BR0052 // Khewzi - Boy X Girl

Boy x Girl is the fifth is a string of singles that detail little bits of the human experience as Khwezi sees it. Released on American record label BonFire records, Boy x Girl is available now worldwide.

Boy x Girl is a groovy dance tune in the styling of a psychedelic rock song. The swirly intro instantly calls to mind the sounds of Pink Floyd or The Doors. As the song progresses, Khwezi’s drum programming adds twists and turns through the velvety purple haze of whispering synths. By the end of the song the listener feels as if they are curled up inside of Keith Richard’s brain.


BR0051 // Hubba & Amanu - Moso (Arthur D'Amour Remix)

Some say that in order to go to the future, you have to go to the past. In this case we need to go back to King Arthur D’Amour. Straight out of St. Petersburg Russia. Arthur D’Amour have taken the instant banger by Hubba & Amanu – ‘Moso’ and spun it out and put a banger future house touch on It.

A slightly faster BPM, more bass, stabbing synths and a crisp drop all make this a tune that would be perfectly suited for a hot music festival or a power workout session.

We got this remix as a sumbission and decided to make it offical. Proof that actually works. We’re not entirely sure who Arthur D’Amour is but what we do know is that this tune will not be forgotten.