Founded in the summer of 2015, BonFire Records is an independent record label created by a group of friends who had the simple intent of creating their own favorite record label.

BonFire Records releases music from a diverse selection of emerging artists such as Wolf & Moon, Aerotique, Lizzy Land, and Famous Yesterday. Emerging as a leading digital independent label, BonFire offers it’s artists numerous services including playlist pitching, public relations, digital marketing, creative support, publishing, sync licensing, in-store placements, DJ servicing and much more.

in 2018 BonFire launched it’s dance specific imprint WildFire and it’s boutique publishing division. WildFire focuses on emerging dance sounds from acts Khonsu The Child, King Monday, neutral. and more. It’s publishing division is passionate about representing independent songwriters and their works.

BonFire works with it’s artists to offer fair deals in combination with robust marketing and creative freedom. Together artists, their teams and the label work towards the end goal of allowing creatives to live off their craft.

Not limited to any specific genre or region, BonFire Records seeks out emerging artists across the musical spectrum. Growing, BonFire now has expanded beyond the United States to host outposts on both sides of the pond and has worked with artists from six continents (if you are an artist from Antarctica - please reach out).

The young imprint and it’s artist have already seen success. To date, BonFire’s records have been streamed over 50 million times, have appeared in some of the world's biggest playlists, films, stores and television shows.


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