BonFire Records

Who We Are

Since its founding in 2015, BonFire Records has emerged as a leading independent label with an eye for underground talent.  With over 100 releases to date, BonFire has consistently proven its ability to discover, promote, and foster an increasingly diverse set of artists in the digital age.

What We're Looking For

Our team is currently seeking a licensing partner who will be able to exploit the BonFire catalogue and land synch placements in advertising, movies, television, gaming, and other relevant media.  Below our sampling of key statistics and feature placements is a Spotify playlist of pre-cleared releases from the BonFire catalogue.  We control both sides of these records and would be able to assign licensing permissions to any third-party partner for one-stop-shop synchs.

Key Statistics

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 11.23.45 AM.png

We have seen roughly 14% month-over-month growth on our streaming numbers every month for the past year, a trend that we expect to continue.  Our team is also taking steps to accelerate this growth: partnering with IDOL on all future distribution, A&Ring higher-level artists, bringing on additional employees, working with third-party publicists, and more.

Playlists, Press, & Features

.... and many more.

Past Licensing Success

BonFire Pre-Cleared Sync Catalogue

The below playlist contains  a sampling of BonFire Records releases that are pre-cleared for placements.  The pre-cleared catalogue will continue to grow as we secure clearances on past records and as we pre-clear our new releases.