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Italian songwriter/producer/singer BVRGER follows his successful path that started last year with his smash single “The Cool Kids” which is sitting comfortably on 1.850.000+ plays on Spotify, going viral back then in the USA (#5), UK (#2), Australia (#13), Canada (#7) and Germany (#10) as well as global (#5) while becoming a favorite with curators of the Fresh Finds playlist and making their end of the year Best-Of-playlist 2016. It also ended up going on rotation at Irish radio RTE2XM and collected plays on T riple J (Australia) and SRF Virus (Switzerland).

The follow-up “Strangers” showcased a totally different vibe than the uplifting, 4-to-the-floor tune “The Cool Kids” but picked up over 100.000 plays on Spotify while the next track “HER.” went viral on Spotify in the USA (#6) and managed to find its way into the Fresh Finds and Young & Free playlists (over 1 million followers in total). Radioplay on German station YouFM and a review from DJ Mag France followed.

2017 was quite busy for BVRGER with his single “Cyberlove” going straight into Spotify’s “Young & Free” playlist and becoming a favorite with blogs such as The 405 (Canada), Going Solo (Italy), Acid Stag (Australia), All Thing Go Music (USA) and Oblivious Pop (USA) . The follow-up “Tease”, which offers influences of BVRGER’s UK heritage with sounds of 2 Step and Garage being included, went into Sweden’s New Music Friday playlist on Spotify and got praised by Conversations About Her (USA), Going Solo (Italy), Ton Spion (Germany) as well as ParaPop (Indonesia).

While BVRGER sees himself primarily as a producer and songwriter, he is working on a live performance the very moment and plans to tour in early 2018. His first gigs abroad came in December 2016 when he was playing in Berlin and Leipzig (Germany) but his new set will offer a different experience to the listeners.