Soul music for a better tomorrow.

Canadian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer FTRSL [*pronounced FutureSoul] is a multi-talented force creating vocal and song-based indietronica sporting soulful and pop nuances, strong melodies and undeniable hooks. It’s soul music for a better tomorrow.

With influences which span electronica, pop, alternative, hip-hop and R&B, FTRSL is equal parts for the dance floor and your headphones. There’s a strident emphasis on creating productions and songs that deliver not only a solid vocal performance but are also geekily interesting to the ear. 

FTRSL - né Andrew Hunt - released his debut EP 'Heartbreak worldwide at the end of 2016 on indie label, Bonfire Records. The acclaimed e.p. boldly announced the newcomer and showcases his distinct voice and inventive knack of creating a vast and varied soundscape. The 5-songHeartbreak e.p. finds Andrew teamed up with artists such as New York songbird Olivia Reid for the soaring and spirited Wild Heart, as well as Bearsnowls and PK for the funky grooves on Gold and the title track. The set also features the future bass inspired Echoes a self-proclaimed 'thick synth' exploration of love and fan favorite, the yearning and wavy beat-ballad, Drunk All Night.

 Of recent note, the title track, Heartbreak" made Spotify’s Best of 2016 trainspotter year-end playlist FreshFinds: Hiptronix while Wild Heart recently topped Spotify’s Indietronic playlist at #1 and was featured on their influential Friday Cratediggers playlist this Summer. 


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