A true triple threat

Val Hartry - or just Hartry or Val for short – is a multi-talented 21st century musician crafting emerging pop and dance music with complexity and depth. Her smooth and sensual vocals glide effortlessly over future bass synths, and over the past few years, she has evolved into the triple threat; lyricist, composer, and producer.

Val had a big 2016, a notable release with Dr. Ozi, OBESØN, SLEEPYCATT and Schier capped off a successful year. Faded with SLEEPYCATT was even featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds Hiptronix Songs of the year.

Emerging out of the vibrant Hamilton, Canada music scene. Hartry, also known as Val is determined to make her mark on the industry. Look out for new music from this talented artist with Khwezi, Schier and more.


Hartry Releases