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Hykuu produces a dark, real and intimate sound designed for the urban night..

Rather than the feel good summer house and techno one might think of coming out of Spain, Hykuu produces a darker, more real, more authentic sound designed for the urban night. Based in Madrid, Antonio Campos de Orellana already has two EP's under his belt and his recently released his third EP entitled 'III' came out on American record label BonFire Records. 

Hykuu pushes the boundaries of electronic music. Infusing future bass with elements of pop, jazz, techno and a true sonic texture, Hykuu makes music that will expand your mind. His third EP, features an eclectic soundscape driven by natural and artificial textures. These textures and sounds are most demonstrated with his song 'Act II' featuring American/Spanish singer Demmy Sober. Demmy's voice adds a tasteful touch and creative lyrics. 

Expanding on that sound, on the EP's second track 'I Want U' Hykuu pushes the sound further into the night with a sensual yet tasteful ballad. Luxurious synths and crisp bells contrast with a pulsating bassline and the soaring vocals of Swiss singer Nadine Carina. Yet this is not stripped down enough for the Spanish mastermind. On 'Above and Beyond' Hykuu blows up the beat with a electro magnetic pulse of future bass, filled with the quality sound design and the perfect textures we have come to expect from this producer. 

Vibing off that energy Hykuu and American rising star Olivia Reid climax this extended play. Olivia's uncopyable voice an guides us on this journey, while Hykuu provides all the bass and energy you could want. A pop song yet, electronic. Strong, yet beautiful. Simply unforgettable, 'The Up and Down' shines strong. This exquisite song earned recognition from numerous music blogs, hundred's of thousands of plays and placement in Spotify's Fresh Electronic, Indietronic and Friday Cratedigger's playlists. Finishing off III 'On the Back' encapsulates the sound of Hykuu's EP yet leaves the listener wanting more.

With this third EP under his belt, Hykuu has cemented himself as one of Spain's rising electronic stars and among many of BonFire Records' artists pushing the industry.  

His August 2017 single 'Enlightened' features vocals from grammy winner J.Lauryn and perfect for the sun filled summer to come.