A sound that is both alluring and infectious.

Hailing from modest beginnings within Iowa and rural Chicago­-area, artist “inverness” is a small­-town kid at heart. While the rest of his family resides in Honolulu, he currently lives in Manhattan as a full-time student at New York University. With the hustle and competition he experiences daily, inverness named himself after his hometown to never forget the place that molded him.

With a sound that is both alluring and infectious, inverness uses his traditional musical training to craft memorable melodies and lush chord progressions. He has spent years studying production, including sound design, recording and arrangement. Using these, he takes the listener to a place that reflects the world he knows. In this designed space, inverness guides them through his intricate interpretation.

Gaining hundreds of thousands of plays, inverness has landed himself gigs all around New York City, including the big Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). He’s been commissioned by MasterCard to compose music for their global campaigns, has released a track with the leading dance music label Monstercat, and has been a supporting act for the likes of Ruby Rose, StéLouse, Holly, and Geotheory. He has also worked with heavy­-hitter KRANE and has even more collaborations in the works.