Thinking back and Looking Forward, Here's to 2016

Again we find ourselves at the beginning of a new year. Today marks the beginning of 2016, and we here at BonFire think it’s the perfect time to not only look back on everything we've done in our first year of existence, but to also look forward to what we have in store. However, before we take this little inventory the BonFire team would like to express the deepest gratitude to you, our friends and fans, for supporting us. Without you guys, none of this would be possible.

This year alone we've reached fifteen hundred SoundCloud followers, and signed nine artists on either for projects, or to our label. Schier’s ‘Bananas' hit 145K plays, we have accumulated upwards of 1.5 million SoundCloud plays across our artists,  and we have released ten projects on Apple Music,  Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and the like. We've sold over 100 BonFire Records t-shirts and drank well over a thousand cups of coffee while racking our brains on how to bring you the best music in the world.

Over the last twelve months the Bonfire team has been able to work with some amazingly talented artists, like the ever-so-kind Tim Serin. The beautifully hyped sonic atmosphere of Rcade’s EP ‘Operate’ has graced our ears. We've danced countless times to Schier's remixes and seen Spaceman rap and perform choreographed dance at his first headlining show.

With all the nostalgia also comes excitement. We're expanding our label to include a brand new artist development program in order to help young musicians hone their skills while giving them all the resources that our label offers. We're kicking up our live show experience to include shows all around the nation so that no matter where you are, BonFire artists will be there too. We've got new projects from old friends from the likes of Spaceman, Schier, Schama Noel, Tim Serin, and Rcade, as well as new artists with more innovative and progressive sounds. Logan Stimmel will be bringing us an EP so deep that you will feel the groove moving every muscle in your body. Hartry will be delivering lyrics over some of the coolest future tracks from up-and-coming producer BearsnOwls, as well as others. We are in the process of negotiating deals with artists from Toronto, the UK, California and beyond in order to bring you more of the music you love from more of the awesome people making it.

Thanks again for everything that you guys do for us. You are our life-blood and the reason we do what we do. Together we can make 2016 a year that music fans around the world remember.

Looking forward to the future,
The BonFire Team