16 Songs for 2016

Edgar here, one of the Co-Founders and A&R’s at BonFire. Here is a list of some of my favorite tracks of the year. Not necessarily the best tracks or most popular songs of the year, you won’t see Adele, Drake or Kendrick on this list.  These are simply the tracks I had on repeat in no particular order, for good or for bad. Nothing here is from any of BonFire’s artists and I tried to keep it diverse genre wise. Hope you enjoy the insight into my musical year. Not all of these are available on soundcloud so please mosey over to Spotify or Apple Music to take a look and support the artists. 

Real Friends - Kanye West

“When was the last time I wasn't in a hurry?” Off of one the biggest albums, if not the biggest cultural event of the year, The Life of Pablo. Real Friends is not the biggest track off the Album, nor the most popular. The track is sad, sober and honest.  The production quality and sound design oozes in classic Kanye fashion. He takes us on a relatable journey into his life for an unforgettable track on an unforgettable album. “When was the last time I wasn't in a hurry?”

Brighter - Rufus du Sol

This track speaks for itself. I saw Rufus this summer for an almost heavenly set in the rain at Lollapalooza. That cemented their place as one of my favorite acts of the year. Brighter is the first track off the Album. Marvelous vocals. Crisp drums. Pulsating drums. What more does one need.  

i hate u, i love u (feat. Olivia O'brien) – gnash

2016 was a big year for duets, Closer and Drake rocketed up the charts. My favorite was this exquisite track from gnash. Olivia’s and gnash’s vocals ooze emotion and the stripped down classic piano chords make for a special song.

No Money – Galantis

This track came out in May, just in time to be a summer smash. Vocals courtesy of a nine year old, Reece Bullimore and the catchiest melody and synths anywhere on this hemisphere made for one of the best songs of the summer. Check the Loki remix too for one of the hottest remixes of the year.

Aloha – Mome

Summer song, yet filled with emotion.  First heard this one at a pool party in California and had it stuck in my head all summer. Love the lyrics, love the beat.

Somebody Else – 1975

1975 took a slightly different direction with their 2016 album with a ridiculously long name “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It.” With a moody 80s sound combined with their classic vibes. Somebody Else is my favorite track off the record. But don’t miss the other tracks on the album, they are quite a treat.

Move – Saint Motel

With an opening clap beat, a perfect “move” interjection, and the classic guitar melody “Move” caps off their 2016 album saintmotelvision. Highly recommend seeing them live as well.

Radioactive – Anna Lunoe

The bass drum dealer delivered another classic tune. Ever since I saw her play live in 2014 I’ve been obsessed. Production is fire, lyrics are smooth, bass is deep. I imagine this going off in a dark club somewhere on the other side if the pond.

Weekend (feat. Icona Pop) - Louis The Child

These young guns out of Chicago have had a huge year. Icona Pop provide us with unforgettable lyrics and Louis The Child with a beat to not be missed. This song is guaranteed to cause you to make bad decisions on a weekday.

Can’t Hide (feat. Ashe) - Wheathan

Try to get the whistle in this track out of your head, I dare you. Another Chicago based young gun Wheathan made this banger with rising vocalist Ashe. The trumpet melody and her perfect voice combine for a wonderful song.  

Youth - Manila Killa 

Manila Killa’s third original does not disappoint. A full of energy beat with soaring vocals. Check his other work as part of Hotel Garuda for more classics.

Never Be Like You (Martin Solveig Remix) [feat. Kaii] – Flume

The French DJ never disappoints. He took Flume’s mega hit and made it a perfect house song for the club in his classic French way.

Starving – Hailee Steinfield, Grey, Zedd

I know nothing about Hailee Steinfield other than that she made this track with Grey and Zedd. Love this song, her voice and the little flume step drop. Grey and Zedd make sure the production is on point as always.

Piece of Me (feat. Becky Hill – MK

Marc Kinchen. Becky Hill. Four on the floor beat, 122 bpm. No description necessary. Turn this one on and turn it up.

 Cold Water (Jupe Remix Ft. Giant Spirit) - Major Lazer

This super young gun at just 16 flipped one of the biggest tracks of the year into a huge future bass tune. 2016 was a big year for future bass, it really matured but it may have also been its last big year as an dance subgenre.

Closer (feat. Halsey) - The Chainsmokers

I couldn't keep this one off this list. For good or for bad this was the song of the year. It was inescapable and was the soundtrack to many of my nights and will be one of the defining tunes of 2016. 

See you next year. 


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