Welcome to the Bonfire Project.


My name is Edgar Thornton, and I am the founder and managing partner of Bonfire Records. We started with a vision for a new record label and art collective that curated the best possible content for the masses while doing everything we can to support artists on their creative journey.


We are in the process of bringing on artists from across the globe. Some of these artists are new, others well established, all making great music. Music from almost every conceivable genre is making its way into our lineup; we will bring you anything that is good.


I have assembled a team that is searching for and developing the best music possible. We are musicians, developers, students, dancers, and dreamers. I can promise you that this team will bring you - the fans - music that will get your head bobbing and heart pounding.


This is only the beginning of our journey, and we invite you to join us along the way.



The music sounds better with you,

Edgar Thornton & The Bonfire Team