BonFire's Endless Summer

This summer marks the one year anniversary of BonFire’s public operations. Last summer saw the signing of Schier, rcade, Tim Serin, and Schama Noel on our first official roster. This summer we now have seventeen artists, fifty-six official releases, and a few million plays under our belts. Clearly, we have been lucky to have had an extraordinary wealth of success. We here at BonFire would like to thank you guys, the listeners, so much for the fantastic achievements we have had in the past twelve months. You all are what truly drives our dreams further.  

We have a lot coming for you this summer, starting strong with the BonFire debut of both FTRSL and Bears & Owls who have crafted an amazing tune. Their new song ‘Heartbreak’ is now out via TracksForDays. FTRSL’s vocals deliver clever lines over Bears & Owls laid-back and summery production. All in all, it makes a song that is perfect for the entire summer whether sipping lemonade by the pool, or sipping something else in the club. Also coming up we have a debut by house producer Zach Sami, a new tune by Canadian singer Hartry and Canadian producer Sleepycatt, two EPs, the first by Logan Stimmel and the second by Hykuu. Lastly, on June 25th BonFire will yet again take the stage with Don't Sleep Industries in Iowa City to put on Endless Summer at the Blue Moose. Schier and Zach Salmi will hit the stage in what is likely to be one of summer’s craziest events.

Look out for a series of BonFire Records UK events and BonFire's artists playing shows in places from as Australia to Los Angeles. 

Keep your ears open and your A/C on. In the next few months we will deliver some seriously good tunes that will make you feel like the sunshine will last forever.