Introducing Revive Us Q & A

We have a new artist making the rounds here at BonFire. 

Revive Us is the stage name of 19 year old producer Chris Davies from Surrey, UK. Chris has been producing for 7 years and has recently gained recognition and exposure from tracks such as “Campfire Anthem” and “Immortalized” featuring Habit. Crafting feel good vibes paired with vibrant vocals Chris is currently writing the soundtrack to your next summer.   The majority of his musical influences come from a combination of dance music and  traditional African and Indian music . He spent considerable time at school in India as a child, and so naturally he is inspired to make music through his feelings of wanderlust and desire to travel. Chris wrote the track “Say You Love Me” when he was just 16, but held it back until he got into contact with vocal uber-talent Kelli-Leigh to piece together his next track 'Say You Love Me,' out April 30th. Here is a short Q & A I had with Chris:

To start things off, tell us a bit about yourself. 

I'm Chris, I'm 19 and I'm currently at university in the UK studying Music Technology. For my music I perform under the moniker Revive Us.

Dream artist to make a song with?

It would be amazing to make a track with Odesza or Big Wild, they are probably my biggest inspirations in music. I used to think a collab with Slow Magic would be kinda cool but his music has gone a bit down the "anime bae Porter Robinson" route so now I'm not as keen.

Favorite project you have done so far?

My favourite project thus far is probably my track Campfire Anthem, it was so much fun to make and it was the first time I felt like I was making my own music, I had finally found my sound as it were.

Tell me about any projects you have in the works now.

Well Edgar, I have a track with Kelli-Leigh coming out on Bonfire Records next week in fact. Over the last two months I've been making not one, but two 6 track EPs. I will be releasing songs regularly from now on, so stay tuned y'all!

Where do you imagine your music heading in the next few years?

 I'm no clairvoyant, but I do think that my music has the potential to do well over the next few years. I'd like to become a breakthrough artist, and since I'm now combining elements of Electronic music with Indie music, I hope I'll reach a larger audience. Also my live performances I have planned will be pretty groundbreaking, I'll be exploring some pretty crazy stuff, which all will soon become clear...

What are the top five artists that are inspiring you right now?

Big Wild takes number one spot, no questions asked. Following closely behind is my buddy Playhost, who's been coming out with some real corkers of late. Odezsa takes the bronze, with undeniably one of the best thought out albums of recent times. "In Return" has had a big impact on the way I look at the world as well as my composition, so it's a very honourable third place. I'd put Psychedeletribe next. You'll never of heard of him, but look him up, he's just awesome. And the figurative 'wooden spoon' goes to James Horner - bit of an odd one I know, but his score for James Cameron's Avatar has had a massive impact on my new material. Also sadly he died last summer, RIP a musical legend.

Dream travel destination?  

Dream travel destination is the Himalayas, Bhutan and Nepal particularly. 

Coffee or tea?

Peppermint tea with honey is possibly my favourite drink. Coffee tastes like somebody scraped the charcoal and detritus off an old barbecue and poured it into hot water, gross.

Definitely a Brit. Anything else you'd like to share?  

Check me out on Soundcloud and give me a cheeky like on Facebook (Revive Us)! I will shortly be doing Youtube videos amongst other things so you can see who I really am behind the music, so keep a watchful eye.

Please take a listen to 'Immortalized (feat. Habit)' and be on the look out for 'Say You Love Me (feat. Kelli-Leigh)' out 4/30.