Olivia Reid


Olivia Reid is an 18-year-old singer and songwriter from Sacramento, California. 

Though her solo music collection is of an alternative indie-folk styling, her recent projects have consisted of both writing and performing vocals for producers in the realm of electronic music.  Her smooth, unique vocals are distinctive of her sound and attract listeners to both her acoustic music and features in EDM.

Olivia has released two songs with producer duo, Joyzu, including “Like a Melody” and “Hear You Say”.  “Hear You Say”, released off of Armada Music this year, received hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, landing it in the Spotify USA Viral Top 50, as well as the Global Viral Top 50.  Her latest projects include a collaboration with FTRSL "Wild Heart' on his Heartbreak EP out on BonFire Records, and sucessful feature with Hykuu "The Up and Down" so on BonFire Records that landed in Spotify's "Fresh Electronic," "Indietronic" and "Friday Cratediggers" playlists. The song is currently at a couple hundred thousand plays and counting. 

Olivia is currently attending the NYU Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music in New York City, where she studies music technology, business, and performance.  She is currently busy working on a solo project to be released in the next year, acting as a songwriter for other artists, and is playing gigs in the New York area.