If you look you look up the word “arcade” in the dictionary, it’s defined as a “coin-operated entertainment machine, installed in public forums for mass consumption.” With Ryan Caragio’s alter ego, rcade., he just so happens to embody every bit of the definition. Born in San Jose but bred in Santa Cruz. An avid fan and collector of music, DJing and production was just the progressive next step, and after teaching himself, practicing for countless hours on his own and being mentored by his good friend DJ/Producer Teeko, rcade. quickly became a natural. 

Citing his biggest influences as Ruckazoid, Lido, Cashmere Cat, Craze and Mr. Carmack, it’s obvious to see how a crazy cacophony of sounds and instrumentals could blend together so perfectly. Although relatively young to the game, rcade. has been quickly turning heads and has big goals. 

With the release of his debut album 'Be Here Now' in October 2015, and 'Operate' EP that earned critical acclaim around the world. With more of new releases to come, rcade. has big plans to take his talents around the world and collaborate with like minded artists to produce new forward thinking music. 

Just like arcade games evolved over generations, ranging from basic pinball machines to elaborate first-person shooters, rcade's personal arsenal of DJ tricks and production style is only growing, so get those tokens ready...