Revive Us


Young and full of energy...

Revive Us is the stage name of 19 year old producer Chris Davies from Surrey, UK. Chris has been producing for 7 years and has recently gained recognition and exposure from tracks such as “Campfire Anthem” and “Immortalized” featuring Habit. Crafting feel good vibes paired with vibrant vocals, Chris is currently writing the soundtrack to your next summer.

The majority of his musical influences are drawn from a combination of dance music and traditional African and Indian music. He has spent considerable time at school in India as a child, and so naturally is inspired to make music through his feelings of wanderlust and his desire to travel. Chris wrote his latest track “Say You Love Me” when he was just 16, but held it back until he could find the right vocalist. Working with vocal uber-talent Kelli-Leigh, he was able to turn the track into a masterpiece. Kelli-Leigh is known for providing the vocals to two UK number 1's: Duke Dumont's 'I Got U' and Second City's 'I Wanna Feel.' 'Say You Love Me' is a perfectly crafted song ready for the summer rays. Look for strong new releases from this future legend in the near future.