VillaNaranjos is one of the UK’s upcoming underground beatmakers...

Originally from High Wycombe, UK... VillaNaranjos (Real name Zak Woodman) isn't bound by any genre. Despite often not conforming to the classic 4/4 dance rhythm, his works share the same ethos - the importance of melody and sound design. Working out of his studio in Brighton, he surrounds himself with synthesisers and rhythm boxes, stressing the importance of making the overall soundscape from scratch.

The project started with initial releases on classic european dance label Armada Music with a heavy trance orientation before switching to more experimental and complex broken-beat rhythms last year with his release "Lugano" on Bonfire Records. His influences include Chicane, The Future Sound of London, Special Request, Underworld and Sorrow, among others. "

VillaNaranjos, having been recently featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds best of 2016 playlist, sets the precedent for what is sure to be an equally successful 2017. With a strong release already out 'Atonal' featuring the notable vocal talents of Atonal. VillaNaranjos is not someone to sleep on.