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BVRGER - Cyberlove (House Flip) 

9/12017 // BR0080

Following a freaky-fresh trend cooked up by artists like Roosevelt and Panama, BVRGER has decided to release an alternate house version of his 2017 ode to modern love. BVRGER’s CyberLove (House Flip), is a swanky, swanky platter of souped up sensual sounds. The four on the floor offers some yummy inspiration for the listener pelvis while stirring spaghetti, making cupcakes, or tenderizing beef. BVRGER’s creamy vocals (which, by the way, provide both humor and easy talking points about 21st century dating) have been chilled and ready to serve at any fall gathering. So next time you’re flipping burgers, flip on BVRGER’s CyberLove (House Flip) to turn your kitchen into the tastiest nightclub north of New Orleans.

BVRGER - CyberLove (House Flip) FINAL.jpg

Hykuu - Enlightened (feat. J.Lauryn)

8/23/2017 // BR0079

In all seriousness this tune slams. It feels like all the energy, substances and sexual tension of an animal house party has been compressed, stuffed into a box the forced open by dynomite. It is a sonic party bomb. Grammy winner, J.Lauryn’s vocals pour into the ears utilizing complex vocal runs that are smoother than jungle juice made with Goose and Hawaiian Punch. The chorus is comprised of wall like synths that hit harder than a drunk frat bro getting into a fist fight over a girl. It knocks you off your feet, stuns you, and leaves you on the floor with strangers looking at you. It is exhilarating.