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New Releases 


JYWRRN - Fall Asleep With You 

12/01/2017 - Salt Lake City, Utah - JYWRRN presents the follow up to his successful debut single 'Closer.' 'Fall Asleep With' out 12/1 features his silky smooth voice and undeniable talent plus guest vocals from Annie. With more songs like this one in the pipeline, JYWRRN is sure to be a mainstay in your earphones and playlists for years to come.

17022 Amanu - I'm Not The One V2.jpg

Amanu - I'm Not the One

12/08/2017 - MOSCOW, RUSSIA -  Following the success of his 2016 single ‘Moso’ on BonFire Records, Russian DJ and producer AMANU is back with a new singe ‘I’m Not The One’ showcasing his signature style of club banger. This tune combines classic pop vibes with a melodic drop that is ready for the dance floor. ‘Moso’ has racked up over 800k plays on Spotify with hundreds of thousands more plays across the internet with support from Ummet Ozcan, Felix Jaehn, Sam Feldt and others. Amanu has played Festivals such as Movida Corona international and played shows across Russia and Europe. If this release is anything like Moso, it is surefire to be a success. 

17011 Inverness - Working on You (Sycko Remix) V3.jpg

inverness - Working on You (sYcko Remix)

10/13/2017 - New York, New York – Of the back of the emotion filed summer, Dance producer sYcko debuts on BonFire Records with an energy soaked remix of Inverness’s summer bop ‘Working on You.’ Twisting up the vocals and sending the listener on a mission straight into space, sYcko combines elements of future bass, house and trap to create a record sure to hit playlists and club basements across the globe.  


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