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Featured Releases: 


CHIMES - Trust (Schier Remix)

Release Date: 6/29/2018

Schier is a young producer newly relocated in California who specializes in taking unique vocals and flipping them to serve a new purpose as front lines too groovy summer house tracks that are heavily influenced by disco and pop music.

The original it has already seen major support from online press including Raver Rafting, EDMSauce, Electric Sloth, EDMTunes and influential Australian tastemaker blog Acid Stag. Spotify even added it to their Fresh Finds: Hiptronix playlist in the United States. 

Schier’s greatest hits include his remix of Lizzy Land’s ‘Sweet Melodies’ which, after reaching number one on Hype Machine ,rocketed to over four million streams.

Chec - Wear It So Well

Release Date: 06/22/2018

We wrote WISW in our bedroom, where we write most of our music. The lyrics give off the vibe that song is about a girl or a relationship, but it's really meant to be self-reflective. We wrote the track to reflect the internal struggle of comfort vs. putting yourself out there. I actually started writing the lyrics while I was walking home from a party that I left early.

Instrumentally, the idea was to create a glitch, minimal, boundary-pushing performance along the lines of Marian Hill or Louis the Child to go along with Elliot's pop/punk/blues-infused vocal performance. After months of listening back, the core instrumentation was never gutted, but details were replaced and added on a week by week basis until every beat was filled with the right concoction of sounds. - Chec


neutral. - How It Goes (feat. Pauline Herr)

Release Date: 06/09/2018

neutral. is a developing producer already working in some of the most prestigious production circles and garnering prominent press nods. Following on that How It Goes, is a 2018 banger with drum heavy drop and tender skillful chorus.

Made in the great state of illinois. 


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