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William Bolton - Still Love Me

In this new pop track from LA sensation William Bolton, he grapples with adoration for an unnamed girl while also honestly contemplating his own shortcomings as a lover. He frames his contemplation as a catchy falsetto tinged vocal riff over a fun hip-hop inspired pop beat.

Of the track, Bolton says this: I used to have a girlfriend who was a Broadway singer/actress.  I used to go visit her on tour and see her perform. I always dressed in these crazy outfits (i have a unique fashion sense) and she always wished I "dressed nice" like the other guys in the audience. This song is about asking a lover to look past all of your shortcomings and love you flaws and all.  Because that's the best kind of love :)


Chasing Velvet - If I May (Szabo Remix)

This energetic dance pop remix melds the best of two of Australia's hottest new acts. Defying gravity with soaring synths, and punchy drums, this melodic instrumental supports the twin vocals of Chasing Velvet. A piano drives the track forward, while vocal chops give the chorus a carefree, wild feel.

Of the track the artists say this: The origins of “If I May” have been interesting to say the least, we began with a demo we created out of the need of more demos, and Naomi and I weren’t really vibing with the lyrics but quite liking everything else (chords and melody) so with our producer helping us, we set out to re-do all the lyrics, this proved difficult as we had the old lyrics stuck in our heaps. Funnily enough, what is now “If I May” was ultimately written about the fact that we didn’t know what to write about.


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