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Featured Releases: 

Reign - Make Me

Release Date: 03/30/2018

Pulling influences from paradise, Swiss DJ/producer, Aerotique is prepared to ride the rest of the spring months in warmth, class, and style. This swanky summer house song is swimming with exactly the kind of grooves you’ll be looking for as you begin to emerge from your cozy, but boring den.

Made somewhere north of the border. 


inverness & William Bolton - Breathe

Release Date 3/23/2018

inverness releases new single Breathe featuring his signature dark yet upbeat production style and the unique vocal talent of William Bolton. Breathe is a song about keeping your head above water, a song for those moments when you are putting it all on the line but still don't know it will be enough.

Made in the City that doesn't sleep. 


WAJU -Solo (feat. NDBY) [Loudan Remix]

Release Date: 04/06/2018

Solo is WAJU’s 5th single featuring amazing NJ/NY based artist NBDY. This Loudan remix flips the original dark alleyway vibe, and highlights NBDY’s virtuosic voice over groovy summer house beats.

Summer was added to this one somewhere south of the border.


Jay Warren & James The Mormon - Locked Out

Release Date: 04/13/2018

Jay is coming off of a string of successful releases, a remix EP featuring Restless Modern, VIllaNaranjos and Telling Beatz and a brand new single ‘Hero,’ with Utah rap icon James the Mormon. This Sam Smith cover showcases the best of Jay’s musical ability, versatility, and glowing voice.

Made somewhere to the west of the Mississippi. 


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