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BonFire Records is a full-stack music company based in the United States. We support passionate creatives of all stripes throughout their journeys.


Who We Are

BonFire is a community of friends that cultivates musical talent and helps build artists sustainably.


Calvin Windschitl

Calvin is a Co-Founder, the COO and Day to Day Label Manager at BonFire. He focuses on ensuring BonFire’s artists have successful releases and all the wheels run smoothly. Calvin has been working at BonFire since day zero. Calvin is a creative himself and currently is on the board of the Big Muddy Dance Company. Calvin currently lives in St. Louis.

Jack Kieffer

Jack is VP of A&R, where he focuses most of his time on discovering acts for the label. He also helps lead company strategy and works closely with the team’s sync and publishing partners. Jack, best-known as the artist ‘Restless Modern,’ has been at BonFire since 2018 and currently lives near Chicago.


Chris Davies

Chris is the VP of Engineering and an A&R at BonFire. He focuses on making sure all of our masters sound extra crisp and on scouting out emerging talent across the pond. Chris has been at BonFire since 2016 and currently lives in Westbury in the United Kingdom but is a bit of a wanderlust so you never really know were he will be.

Edgar Thornton

Edgar is a Co-Founder and the CEO at BonFire. He focuses on business and legal operations, partnerships, technology and overall label strategy. Edgar has a background in the technology industry. Edgar has been at BonFire since day zero and currently lives outside New York.

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THIS IS BONFIRE - The definitive playlist featuring old favorites, deep cuts, and new releases.

BonFire Selects - Featuring new releases from BonFire, favorites from our friends, and records we found across the internet.

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The best way to submit demos is through submithub. You can also email us directly.

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