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Featured Releases: 


Jay Warren - Closer (Restless Modern Remix)

Release Date 3/2/2018

Both Jay and Restless are coming off of a string of successful releases. Restless's collab with indie pop star MOONZz  continues to climb in numbers, and Jay just released a new single ‘Hero,’ with Utah rap icon James the Mormon. This remix showcases the best of both acts, and sets the stage as Jay prepares a number of b-sides and a single, and Restless launches his debut EP.

Made next to the Charles River in Cambridge, MA


Audiobruz - Amplified Life

Release Date: 03/02/2018

We found Audiobruz after listening to his 2016 track Believe and couldn’t wait to release a track with him. His sound is just so infectious and raw.
Amplified Life is this new single he has worked so hard on for your ears. At its heart it is just a four on the floor house track but really it is so much more. It has this energy that makes you want to get up and immediately start dancing. The sounds in it are so aggressive but pleasant, it has this French electro - almost justice like feel to it. So grab a pair of headphones and press play on a new soundtrack for your life. Amplified Life is out March 2nd on American independent Record Label BonFire Records.

Audiobruz makes music in Italy, not porn, yet.


King Monday - Conclusions

Release Date: 03/02/2018

Conclusions is the second track off CSTLV, is a reflective two track EP from King Monday taking influence from artists like Four Tet and Burial. Using beat driven, bass heavy music as the foundation, Monday creates personal narratives based on his own experience and what he’s witnessed through the eyes of his friends.

Made in the UK.

EEL SOS Remind me v2.1 (1)small.png

EEL SOS - Remind Me

Release Date: 03/02/2018

EEL SOS’s continued ability to weave through various pop landscapes continues to amaze in Remind Me. Demonstrating true musical versatility, EEL SOS and his dream team take the funky vibes of Say Anything, slow them down, and turn them into a slowed down, sad boy autotuned banger.

Made in the US of A.


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