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Music Publishing

BonFire Records offers a full range of boutique independent music publishing services to independent songwriters worldwide.

We make the complex world of music publishing accessible to independent artists and songwriters. We offer artists ownership and control while providing them with the resources and support they need to grow their careers.

What We Offer:

  • World-Class Administration: We register your songs directly in the vast majority of territories worldwide to ensure that you receive your publishing royalties accurately and quickly. Many artists are not collecting the publishing money that is owed to them.

  • Synchronization Opportunities: We work both directly and through our partners to place your music in Film, TV, In-Store listening, Video Games, and more. In the past year alone we have been placed in major motion picture, television and in thousands of stores.

  • Flexible deals: You retain ownership + a large majority of the publishing income that we collect for your records. (They are your songs, after all). We gives you the flexibility you need to make the best choices possible by offering short, rolling enrollment periods.

  • Songwriting Opportunities: You will be a part of he growing network of BonFire’s songwriters and artists for co-writing and collaboration opportunities.

  • Remix Opportunities: If you are a producer, you will have access to exclusive opportunities to remix BonFire Records’ releases.


By The Numbers

  1. 65 territories directly registered

  2. 50+ songwriters represented

  3. 170+ compositions represented

  4. 2 songs in major motion pictures

  5. Songs playing in tens of thousands of store locations

  6. 8 songs in major television shows